11 Days Kilimanjaro – Northern Circuit Route in 8 Days


11 Days Climbing Kilimanjaro – Northern Circuit Route in 8 Days

The Northern Circuit route is the newest route to climb Kilimanjaro. The route is unique as you hike via the quiet, still rather unknown northern side of the mountain. You will see Mount Kilimanjaro from a whole new perspective!

The hikes per day on the Northern Circuit route are relatively short. This gives your body enough time to recover. In addition, the Northern Circuit route is good for acclimatization, as it is a relatively long climb (in days). Your body has more time to get used to the daily increase in altitude.

The entire ascent (including descent) via the Northern Circuit Route takes 8 days.

When you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport our Tanzania guide will be there waiting for you. He will will drop you off at your hotel, where you can relax from your flight.
Preparation for your climb: You will meet your guide before the beginning of your climb. He will brief you and give you details, like what to wear, what to put in your backpack and other important tips to make the climb as comfortable as possible for you.

Today you will start the adventure from your hotel where your driver will pick you up and drive you to Londorossi Gate (on the west side). You will then go to Lemosho trailhead for lunch and begin the climb. This easy walk through a thick rainforest lasts from 3 to 4 hours and gives you a chance to spot varied animals including buffaloes and monkeys. After a narrow path and a few steep sections, you reach Big Tree camp where you spend the night.

On this second day you leave the forest to enter an environment of meadow heather and volcanic rock. You ascend and descend through the lush hills below the Shira Plateau, the third of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic peaks. Once you reach the edge of the plateau, this is the end of the long 5-6 hours hike and the trail becomes easier. You arrive at Shira Camp where you spend the night with an incredible view of the Kibo summit.

Today, the hike will last 7-8 hours and will take you through heather to the alpine desert. You pass Shira Plateau which is one of the highest in the world to reach the lava tower with an optional visit of the Shira Cathedral on the way. From the lava tower, the path continues northwest towards Kibo, the highest peak of Kilimanjaro. You then follow a steep trail to Moir Hut Camp, a remote place with wonderful views over the Shira Plateau.

Today you continue the route on the Northern Circuit over a steep ridge along the main path. This 8–9-hour hike takes you through heathland and alpine desert to Buffalo camp. You have the opportunity of making a quick detour to Little Lent Hill in the morning.

On this 5th day, you will go across varied landscapes: heathland, valleys, and alpine environments… the northern circuit route continues eastwards. It is not very frequented therefore you enjoy peaceful contemplation of the landscapes, wilderness and beautiful mountains. This will take you approximately 5 to 7 hours.

Today is a 4-5 hour climb to reach the “Saddle”, a beautiful lunar landscape between the Mawenzi and Kibo Peaks. From there, you continue to School Hut camp which you will reach in the early afternoon. You will then relax the rest of the day to prepare for the final ascent the next day.

Around midnight, you start the summit push in the cold. Be prepared for the steep path to Gilman’s Point, the rim of the main crater. You ascend for a few hours and take short breaks. At Gilman’s point, you will have the most beautiful sunrise over Mawenzi Peak and continue for 2-3 hours to Uhuru Peak. You celebrate your success on the summit with incredible views. You then descend to Millenium Camp via Kibo Huts, where you have dinner and spend your last night on the mountain.

Today, you will appreciate the decrease in altitude. After breakfast, you walk to the exit of the national park. After the descent, the whole group gathers to congratulate each other. Your driver drives you back to the hotel and you will enjoy a shower, good dinner and well-deserved sleep.

Sadly, this is the end of your holiday and the time to go home has arrived. Enjoy your last hours in Tanzania before our driver comes to pick you up and takes you to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight home. Still longing for more? It’s also possible to add a few days of safari or a beach holiday to your Kilimanjaro adventure!