Kilimanjaro Day trip


About the Kilimanjaro Day Hike

Kilimanjaro day hike: climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a one day hike. This hike has probably been on your bucketlist for a while now and if you don’t have the time or budget (or both) to climb it, then this is definately your best option. You’ll get up really high and have the single best view on the mountain, without having to pay the full price. Get a nice taste of the highest mountain in Africa: Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5,985m tall.

Kilimanjaro day hike: What to expect

The day trip to Mt Kilimanjaro starts around 5 from Arusha (or even earlier to avoid traffic). Depending on the location of your ho(s)tel, the journey will take 1:30-2.30hours. From here you’ll depart with your guide after an early breakfast to start the drive to Kilimanjaro National Park and begin the Kilimanjaro day hike.

The kilimanjaro day hike begins on the western side of the mountain and goes up through the forests to the Londorossi Gate. Here, at an altitude of 2,100m, the hike begins. The ascent is over 1,000m, moving steadily up through tropical mountain forests, home to a variety of animals and birdlife. With the help of your guide, you may spot colobus monkeys, crested turacos and more. It is not uncommon to hear elephants rumbling through the forest; you may even catching sight of them through the trees.

The kilimanjaro day hike takes you up to the vast Shira Plateau, at 3600 m. A 500,000-year-old vulcanic caldera that is now a World Heritage Site. You can stop for lunch here, or continue on to Shira 1 Camp, Lion Gorge and the foothills of the Shira Pinnacles. Kilimanjaro’s iconic snow-covered table top, Kibo Peak, should be visible from here, as well as neighbouring glaciers.

How fit should I be: 

It’s ‘just’ a day hike, but the fast paste and elevation make it quite exhausting. So don’t underestimate this hike. It is definitely challenging. 

What to wear: 

The most important one is to bring good, closed shoes on the Kilimanjaro day hike. If you want to walk up all the way on your high heals, that’s perfectly fine, just don’t complain if it gets tough. Due to the altitude, an extra set of warm clothing is also strongly advised. It can get wet in the lower rainforests, so come prepared with some waterproof clothing or a drybag with extra socks/shirt. 

Day Hike Kilimanjaro Options:

Regular: Around $280-300 p.p. depending on group size

Budget: Around $210-230 p.p. depending on group size

Marangu Route Day Hike: From $160p.p. (Note that this takes a different route. Allthough still amazingly beautiful, it’s a little less scenic than the other route, but also varies greatly in cost.